I am somewhat new to running LEAN locally. When I run the backtest everything appears to go well but the information returned on the .json file for the charting is empty. I have a custom chart with some indicators and the series attached to the chart is empty. On QC cloud environment the charting and indicators work just fine. Can someone help me to understand what is happening or what should I expect from the .json file? Thanks in advance.

This is how I am creating the char and series:

        # Function called in the Initialize method 
        chart = Chart("MyIndicators")

        self.mycandles = Series('SPY',SeriesType.Candle,0,'$')

        self.series_poc = Series('POC',SeriesType.Line,0,'$')
        chart.AddSeries(self.series_poc )

        self.series_vah = Series('VAH',SeriesType.Line,0,'$')

        self.series_val = Series('VAL',SeriesType.Line,0,'$')
        chart.AddSeries(self.series_val )

        self.series_atr = {}
        self.series_atr['atr_high'] = Series('ATR High',SeriesType.Line,0,'$')
        self.series_atr['atr_low'] = Series('ATR Low',SeriesType.Line,0,'$')
        self.series_atr['levels'] = Series('ATR Levels',SeriesType.Scatter,0,'$')
        for s in self.series_atr.values():

        self.series_volume = Series('Volume',SeriesType.Bar,1,'')
        chart.AddSeries(self.series_volume )