Hello everyone! I'm new to QuantConnect/Lean. I have a few questions...

  1. If I subscribe to the Prime service, can I utilize the subscription datafeed and make trades from Lean (localpc)?
  2. Is it possible to make external( to quantconnect.com ) REST API calls from the hosted QuantConnect service? Both during backtest and live trading.
  3. When backtesting with Lean(local PC) using my own data provider, does Lean request the data from provider every backtest or does it load via a cache for data it has already requested in the past? If I run multiple backtests for the same instrument/period it would be much faster to load the data from a cache vs provider.
  4. Does a QuantConnect backtest leverage processing power across multiple cloud machines (distributed) or parallel on a single multicore machine? 
  5. Is there a link that shows me a comprehensive list of features for QuantConnect/Lean. And maybe a comparison of both.