Hi All,

I am totally new here, I dont know where to start and end. I have to do the following assignment by tomorrow. Can anyone guide me or help with it. You can reach me at : swaroopkpydisetty@gmail.com if you have any further questions.

I want to implement a 1/N algorithm where you distribute the funds available ( say $1,000,000) in buying the stocks (some 100 different varieties, so every stock should have $10,000 worth: for example Facebook stock price is $40 and google’s $50, we should have 250 of FB and 200 of google) equally from available that are being traded. I need to rebalance the portfolio by maintaining the stock worth to 1/N of the total funds after every month/ year. Whenever the share price increases decreases, we need to rebalance the total stocks without violating the 1/N ratio of that particular stock. We also need to implement the same once at the month of every month and at the end of every year too.

Thank you very much.