After some quick gratification of quick algorithm and backtests,  I have quickly realised if I am serious about learning this I will need some serious plan. 

I am planning to spend 5-7 hours per week for next year or two. I am a professional software developer and pretty good with algo and ds. It would be great if any of you have build a plan for yourself that got you upto speed quickly that can guide me on how to develop such a plan. 

I can certainly learn a lot by trial and error but maybe not the most efficient way to mastery. 

Good books that you found has most impact? Courses on Udemy/Coursea? Articles that you think. Previously I have spent time ready few of the basic trading books which give you good idea on getting started. 

Trading for Living by Elder and currently I am reading Trading and Exchanges: Market Microstructure for Practitioners seems to open my eyes to different ways trades take place.

I hoping to share my plan with community so others who come after me can benefit from my research.