I gotta say, I'm starting to get the feel for the QC platform and it's growing on me.  :)  Nice work to everyone who is contributing to the platform.

One of the things I've seen posted in various place on the internet, and even the QC blog is, "you can now run a 10 year, event driven backtest in 33 seconds. Your algorithms are running on beautiful i7x3930’s .....".  

But, I'm not seeing anything near to that performance.  I thought maybe I was doing some bad practices in my OnData() handling.   So, I added a Stopwatch() and a global long counter and added up all the time spent in OnData().  Total time was < 17 seconds for a OneMinute resolution backtest dating Oct 26, 2016 - Dec 7, 2016 (a mere 30 trading days).  However, the test itself took a full 203 seconds to run.

Here's a log snippet.  I could share the algorithm if it'd be helpful, but really it's not doing that much.

856 | 22:30:19: Total OnData time: 16710ms
857 | 22:30:24: Algorithm Id:(bc6456b94c68f572cd464d15592c0bcf) completed in 203.01 seconds at 27k data points per second. Processing total of 5,570,619 data points.
858 | 22:30:27: Your log was successfully created and can be downloaded from: http://data.quantconnect.com/backtests/24684/407135/bc6456b94c68f572cd464d15592c0bcf-log.txt

Perhaps the issue is I'm not yet a paying member.  I'm still "feeling out" the QC platform so I haven't yet pulled the trigger on the $20/mo.  Perhaps I need to be paying member to get the exceptional perf that I'm seeing promoted?  That would make sense.  But, I don't want to become a paying member and find that my back tests are still timing out when I try to go beyond OneMinute resoution and 30 trading days.