When plotting candle charts the data is aggregated into days (or weeks). is there any way to plot the bars of an equity directly, without this aggregation?

I want to see minute bars in order to test my custom indicators.

I've tried plotting daily bars, thinking that I could strech minute data into daily data, but the chart skips every other day - so even if I plot daily data not everything is shown.

Is there a simple way to disable the aggregation or to make the daily plots show every day?

I understand the chart is limited to 4000 data points, but that should be enough for me - if they are all continous data in bars, with no skips/aggregation...

Also, theres no way to plot a TradeBar instance - I can only plot one of it's prices (e.g. close) and let the aggregator create a candlestick from it. Shouldn't there be a method that plots TradeBars directly?

Thank you very much!