I'm new to quantconnect. I fiddled around.
writing some code, backtesting it. Wonderful !

Everything worked fine.

But after one day backtests suddenly faild to run.Getting this for all my projects:


Succesfull build on a simple default project

- Build Request Successful for Project ID: 429265 CompileID: 14e044288c31212685629c408dea1a09 Lean Version:


Launching a backtest

 - Backtesting Project ID: 429265

 - Successfully sent backtest request for 'Hyper-Active Tan Leopard', (Compile Id: 14e044288c31212685629c408dea1a09)


And... nothing happens after this.... No backtesting at all.
I guess it worked when I had the message :
Succesfully uploaded to cloud (or something)

Am I doing something wrong?