I've been trying to automate my strategies that I use in Oanda, but the technical indicator calculation is completely different, despite both sites (Oanda and QC) using the same formulas apparently. I'm probably doing something very wrong, but I can't get many indicators to line up correctly, even when importing data from Oanda. For example, the MACD is completely different than what i'm seeing on Oanda, and for that matter, other websites, that despite using different data sets, have similar calculations.


Here are the MACD (12,26,9) calculations that I see from Oanda, DailyFX/TradingView, and QC respectively.

As you can see, the differences between Oanda and DailyFX are miniscule, but very different in my QC backtests, even when I use Oanda's imported data. I ever so slightly modified the MACD template provided by the  Indicator Example threads, and have attached a backtest. Please let me know what i'm doing wrong (or if something is inherently not working) since the discrepancies are massive, and they do not let me test any of my strategies, with any resolution (EMA, MACD, or otherwise).