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I expect most times either a person has a financial, or a sofware development background. The 'university' topics cover a lot of sofware development skills. However, I am an experienced developer and new to the finance and trading world.

Now there are a lot of study guides, tutorials etc for learning basic software development. However, as a finance beginner, I don't know where to start and how to build a good study plan.

Can anyone help me into the right direction?

Update Backtest

I started with Investor's Business Daily several years ago. It gave me a strong financial foundation. Still reading it.

I also liked:

1. "Swing Trading" Jon D. Markman; I had to buy this one. Really Good.

2. Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques, Steve Nison, 2nd Edition, 2001; There is a PDF of this one online.

3. Bulkowski's site on patterns: 

There's a lot more. But the above will give the strong start.


If I had to pick one book it would be "Building winning algorithmic trading systems" by Kevin Davey, because it explains a lot of pitfalls. There's a huge difference between a good looking backtest and a good trading system.

Also I would say reality is a great teacher. Manually trade with a small amount of capital because it will force you to learn relevant concepts, and eventually give you ideas on algorithms.


Thank you both for the replies. I stumbed upon the book 'Quantitative Trading How to Build Your Own Algorithmic Trading Business' by Ernest Chan as well. Are you familiar with it? I started reading it already but wonder whether I should focus on the Davey book first.


Update Backtest


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