first i would like to congrats the team that worked on this project they did a nice job for what i have seen so far ! now the documentation could be ... u know a bit more ... simple we could say ^^.

Now i have some question that i hope u can help me with :

- how to get the aviable fund of the account ? ( for both backtesting and live )

- how to get a list of current open trade without needing us to remeber them on var ?

- is it possible to change the leverage each time we make a market order ?

- is there like a chat or something where we can ask question to other programmer in live ?

- finaly when we create a StopMarketOrder is this applied to the last opened order ?


I may have found it somewhere i know but i could't manage to do it in the first two hours so i come to u guys i hope u will understand. Thanks for the help and excuse me for my english, not my main language.