l will pay for work and long as you teach me to do it also.  Payment will be  made through PayPal.  My expertise is hardware not software.  Need to connect to real time stock scanner and use QuantConnect (LEAN) for execution.  Link to real time scanner API (C#, I think its 32 bit) is shown below.  Link is to my cloud storage:.

https://cp.sync.com/dl/197e03360#23bs6fcm-cvn9vyuf-8cq6yi5f-b49cdh9h   ;

Though a real time scanner can be set up in QuantConnect,  it will be a drain on QuantConnect resources.  Roughly  5000 stocks, 100 indicators recalculated every minute.  500,000 indicators run every minute.

Even simple strategies when applied on 5000 instruments will result in  many daily trades.

Problem I have iwith one strategy applied to one instrument too few trades to quickly determine profitability in real time.