My question is directed to any staff member: 

By now, you know of the shutdown on I am researching replacement options, of which, QuantConnect is the leading solution for me. Learning your system and code structure is going to be very time consuming. My concern is solely based on the design of your website- It is near identical to Quantopians'. The forum is similar. The way emails are sent to posts I am 'listening' to is similar. Even the templates you use for your emails and for new feature announcements on the forum are similar. Your slogan is similar. (I do see many differences too, so I have to guess that you both share a similar forum app.)

Can you confirm or deny whether their is any connection to quantopian? Is there any mutual ownership between the two? I really need this answered before I continue to adopt your system. I would fear the same fate that fell upon Quantopian if that is the case.