Is there a good way to display Max Drawdown, Sharpe Ratio, and other stats from the PortfolioStatistics class?
Is there an instance of that which is reachable from the QCAlgorithm instance at runtime?

For quick comparisons to Quantopian algorithms during translation it would be really handy to at have these on display:
SetRuntimeStatistic("Drawdown", QuantConnect.Statistics.AlgorithmPerformance.PortfolioStatistics.Drawdown);
SetRuntimeStatistic("Alpha", QuantConnect.Statistics.AlgorithmPerformance.PortfolioStatistics.Alpha);
SetRuntimeStatistic("Beta", QuantConnect.Statistics.AlgorithmPerformance.PortfolioStatistics.Beta);
SetRuntimeStatistic("Sharpe Ratio", QuantConnect.Statistics.AlgorithmPerformance.PortfolioStatistics.SharpeRatio);

While tracking through the code I found PortfolioStatistics is used mainly in StatisticsBuilder which is only used in Engine at the end of a run. If there is no other way to get these stats at runtime currently, are there any objections to adding support for that?