So far, I'm pretty excited about this platform. Keep up the great work. However, I have a number of questions that I haven't seen answered yet in the docs.

1) Is there a way to programmatically initialize my backtest with random stocks?
I'd like to build a portfolio of, say, 50 random stocks, and see if I can write an algorithm to chose intelligently between them. I can always chose the stocks by hand, but testing against random sets seems like a good way to protect against over-fitting.

2) How does the backtester handle Stock splits? Stock delistings? Dividend payments?

2) Can I use multithreading? What kind of CPU resources do the algorithms have? 1 shared core, or more than that?

3) What is the .NET version? Is it Mono, or MS? What OS? There are always differences in implementations and platforms, so I want to make sure I don't use something stupid or unsupported. FWIW, I use Mono on Linux.

4) Is there global exception handling? What happens to unhandled exceptions? I would assume it merely kills that call to OnTradeBar or OnTick, and doesn't bring the algorithm to a crashing halt?

5) How do I cancel a backtest? Ok, this is a simple one, but I didn't see an easy way to do that.

7) Is there a way to cancel orders?

Thanks for any answers you can provide.