Due to some of the limitations of the IDE with regard to debugging / object exposure, etc. I thought I would test out the Jupyter-based Resarch tool. It's my first exposure to Jupyter, but I love it.

The documentation seems to suggest one should work with a QCAlgorithm wrapper called QuantBook. That's fine for smaller tests. But is there a reason we can't simply import the needed libraries and create our own Class of type QCAlgorithm? 

I would much prefer to do that, since I then will have less work porting the debugged code into my real apps. 

I've done that and it seems to work fine,.. But I ran into a wierdness with the history object that only seems to affect my Reseach algos, but not my IDE ones?

For some reason, the instantiated class does not have a History object, or the History object behaves differently. Could sure use some help. Thanks!