What is the most robust way to access # of days a security has been held?

What is the most robust way to access the number of days a security has been held? I've been using self.PurchaseDate[stock], as in the code below. The code below works perfect, unless my live algorithm crashes, or I stop it while securities are owned. So then, if I try to launch my algorithm, with securities already owned, it doesn't appear that a value for self.PurchaseDate[stock] exists anymore. Is there a better way to determine the number of days held?


for stock in self.stock_list:
if self.Portfolio[stock].Invested == True:
bought = self.PurchaseDate[stock]
time_owned_raw = now - bought
days_owned = time_owned_raw.days + 1 #need the +1 to compensate[stock] = days_owned
Update Backtest

I am still interested to know the most robust way to calculate the number of days owned, but please disregard my code. I just realized that in lieu of actually pulling the purchase date (because I couldn't figure out how to do it), self.PurchaseDate[stock] is a user defined dictionary, in which, I capture the time (self.Time) at the time of purchase. 


Hi AMDQuant, You can use a dictionary and make a helper function to count days. In my example (see below), we buy each stock everyday at 9:45, hold it for 5 days, and sell it. Please see below codes and backtest I attached. I'm sure there will be many better ways. Hope this would help. Thanks :)


self.check_days(self.stock_list) # deploy 'check_days()' function

for stock in self.stock_list:
if not self.Portfolio[stock].Invested:
self.SetHoldings(stock, 0.5)

self.hold_day[stock] = 0 # Add stock and 0 days to the dictionary

if self.Portfolio[stock].Invested:
if self.hold_day[stock] ==5:
self.hold_day[stock] = -1 # make days -1 if sold

# Make a helper function to count holding days for each holding stock
def check_days(self, stock_list):

for stock in stock_list:
if self.Portfolio[stock].Invested:
self.hold_day[stock] += 1 # Increment on each holding stock by 1 day

Update Backtest


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