Hi guys, 

To others who are suffering through the difficulties of moving from Quantopian to QC, check out the following notebook.

It highlights some important differences in the libraries available in QC's Research vs IDE environments. These particularly affect the History object, but also other objects I show some workarounds I've developed to allow me to backtest my functions in Research withouth having to make too many changes to them once launched in the IDE. 

Pay particular attention to the section where I launch a QuantBook instance, assign it the variables of my "BasicTemplateAlgorithm" instance, and use that to grab needed history items. 

If somebody has a better way of achieving the same without launching a QuantBook instance, I would love to see it. 

Give me some slack on the coding. I've never had a lesson in programming - begin self taught - and have only delved into python in the last 2 years. So I would be shocked to discover any code I write corresponds to the sacred "pythonic" mode.