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When attempting to go live with my simple algorithm, I'm getting errors - how can I load history from a specific time period only than and to avoid this error? My indicators only really need a few weeks of back data to work.

Here was the initial error that I had received from the history command

Failed to initialize algorithm: Python.Runtime.PythonException: KeyError : 'the label [BTCUSD] is not in the [index]'
at Python.Runtime.PyObject.Invoke (Python.Runtime.PyTuple args, Python.Runtime.PyDict kw) [0x00033] in <69d4fd635645431aa1e955e701040fd1>:0  ...etc etc

Here is the code that is attempting to call the history

history = self.History(dataset, 19, Resolution.Minute)

        # Populate warmup data
        for index, row in history.loc["BTCUSD"].iterrows():
           self.fast_btc.Update(index, row["close"])
           self.slow_btc.Update(index, row["close"])

How can I set the StartDate for the History command to 2017 and not have empty history dataframes?

Update Backtest

"How can I set the StartDate for the History command to 2017 and not have empty history dataframes?"

If you click the 'API' tab in the Algorithm Lab and search 'History' you'll see the following entry included in the results:

self.History(tickers, start, end, resolution)

With the description: "Gets the historical data for the specified symbol between the specified dates. *The symbol must exist in the Securities collection.*" 

There are several different ways to call history - this one will let you specify a specific start and end date.


Andrew Hart  Thanks so much! I had no idea about the API tab, wow that opens up a whole new world to me :) That will answer a lot of questions for me, I had been trying to look at the "documentation" and it was incredibly limited but the API tab is amazing.


Update Backtest


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