I have a few issues while attempting to run lean in environment "backtesting-desktop". I am running on Linux Mint 18.2 (derived from Ubuntu 16.04) with latest mono-complete. I've identified possibly the following problems:

1. UserInterface (proj:QuantConnect.Views) is not built in Debug mode and binaries end up in bin/Release rather than bin/Debug.

2. Under environment "backtesting-desktop", the relative path to QuantConnect.Views.exe does not work. Absolute path seems to work.

3. I am using Mono, and this is most likely a user config issue on my side, but when I run "mono QuantConnect.Lean.Launcher.exe", certain dll's (xul) are not found. That is certainly a dll path issue on my side.



1. How can I force build to be done in Debug mode for all projects? It seems the default config assumes projects to be built in Debug mode.

2. I would have imagined I've done something wrong here as if this didn't work, it would have been complained about.

3. Any help on adjusting .NET libraries path on Linux?