I published qc, a commandline utility for interacting with Quantconnect.

I wanted a fast mechanism for synging and running my algos with QuantConnect, as copying and pasting code in the web editor to run the backtests wasn't great a workflow, specially when dealing with multiple files. As a Mac user editing with Rider, the Visual Studio plugin wasn't an option for me..

The tool will let you:

  • Push the files that changed to QuantConnect
  • Compile them
  • Run a backtest

The next thing I will add is opening your backtest in the browser when it has finished running. I think I have seen an special URL to do that somewhere in the Lean code.  It's distributed as a ruby gem. It should work fine in Mac or Linux. It should work in Windows too, although not much experience running ruby in Windows to be honest. Please, if you find problems using it or want to request new features, create an issue in github.

Thanks for the hard work on Lean and QuantConnect team. It's an amazing platform.