Hello everyone,

tl;dr Why am I getting the errors shown in the picture and how do I fix them?

Longer version:

I'm new to QuantConnect and, even though I'm not *that* of a beginner in programming (specifically Python), unfortunately I'm experimenting many more issues than I would have imagined when writing the simplest lines of code on the online platform. Probably this is due to my current difficulty in understanding how the objects and data are structured and somehow reading all the API documentation is not helping at all :(

I thought that coding through the Desktop Environment would have helped me in understanding this huge yet amazing project that is Lean Engine, having more debugging tools and specifications of the errors (I cannot even get ahold of which line of my code is preventing my algorithm from running! >_<").

I followed all the different tutorials available on YouTube to set the configs so that it can gather the data  that I previously downloaded from the Data Library Cloud from the APIDataProvider.

Yet, as soon as I try to run a test execution of BasicTemplateForexAlgorithm (that's where I'm writing my algorithm and experimenting with all the different instructions), many errors appear.

I managed to resolve all the invalid syntax errors (most of the ".py" files in the projects are missing brackets for all the print statements) and the invalid token errors (setStartDate/setEndDate methods only accept integers as input parameters, yet in the files number appear in date format - 07 vs 7), but cannot resolve the errors show in the picture to save my life (I tried restarting Visual Studio, installing updates, installing QLNet through NuGet Package Manager Console and tools with no succes whatsoever).

What am I missing here? What should I do? Any kind of help would be MUCH apreciated.

P.S. Pardon my english, I'm italian.