Hi!!! I just went live with my first algo trader today (C#).  Newbie to algo trading, novice coding experience.  As a trial run, I'm attempting to trade based on two EMAs using GDAX.  Everything is syncing with GDAX, but I'm receiving the following error when a trade is attempted:  

19:15:00: Brokerage Warning: Order failed, Order Id: 23 timestamp: 1/28/2018 12:15:00 AM quantity: 0.03793578 content: {"message":"Margin currently not available for BTC-USD"} 

First and foremost, I have no clue why it's timestamping 12:15:00 AM when the current time is 19:15:00.  

Here's what I'm using:

using System;
using System.Linq;
using QuantConnect.Indicators;
using QuantConnect.Models;

I've never told it to trade margin (that I'm aware of), thus I'm not sure why I'm getting this error.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!