We're released a new build of the server today which has some good improvements for your debugging and backtesting:

- Code errors in the Initialize() function will now be properly reported to console

- Code errors in custom data creation will also be reported to console

- Fixed memory leaks which allow us to increase the max number of symbols an algorithm can handle

- "Error()" function now highlights red in the console, "Debug()" is green and "Log()" goes to a text file

//#5 - Building a custom stock Plotter with Trades

Chart plotter = new Chart("Plotter", ChartType.Overlay);

plotter.AddSeries(new Series("EURUSD", SeriesType.Line));

plotter.AddSeries(new Series("Buy", SeriesType.Scatter));

plotter.AddSeries(new Series("Sell", SeriesType.Scatter));