I love the concept here, website, tools and of course community but I'm having a really hard time doing very basic things like buying and selling based off percentages. Before anyone asks, I'm still learning coding as well but since I'm already trading using retail bots as well as just standard exchange tools I thought I could do both the learning to code as well as learning to use this website simultaneously. 

I am hoping for some sort of guidance, is there a telegram, discord or any groups where people discuss quantconnect trading on a daily basis or is someone willing to mentor me, ( I could even pay if that's necessary) I feel guilty just posing every question on the forum, but I've already spent so much time trying to grasp the basics and not focusing as much as I should on trading. Just to clarify, I can understand about 80% of it but I get stuck and I know the questions I have can be answered by someone who doesn't necessarily have to be an expert

Thanks in advance guys