Hi All,

When running tests, we ran them and then change some (internal) parameters, then run again and etc...

But after several runs we are not able to say what values we have used when check back results for comparison.

It seems to me that would be beneficial if we have ability to do something like this:

- ability to add/edit a note to the results

- ability to define parameters that we use in the algorithm and have their values shown on "Overview" tab

E.g.: have a public member (might default to null) in class QCAlgorithm, that holds our parameters which then can be listed (by Reflection) in the "Overview" windows. And we can inherit from this class and add our parameters used in the algorithm.

e.g. abstract class QCAlgorithmParameters {...}

and then defined below

class QCAlgorithm


public QCAlgorithmParameters Parameters;



public override void Initialize()



MyAlgParameters par = new MyAlgParameters(); // where MyParameters inherits from QCAlgorithmParameters

par.duration = 10;


this.Parameters = par;


Or may be there are better solutions of the "Parameters" problem.

My guess is that many are facing similar issue and would support this addition (prioritized accordingly of course).