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Hi all, I want to add daily high, low and other self created paramenters to the universe. Can I just add these parameters to the CoarseFundamental universe or I have to create a new universe?

 class CoarseFundamental {
public long Volume; // Traded shares
public decimal DollarVolume; // Traded shares x Price
public decimal Price; // Yesterday close price
public Symbol Symbol; // Asset symbol
public bool HasFundamentalData; // Whether it has fundamental
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hmm you would need to subscribe to many stocks and filter them later after putting the data into a symbolclass.

so selecting s&p500:

other universe examples if you need some

Thanks, Michael. 

I am not sure if the current Python documentation is not completed or I missed something.

Can I know where to find the indicators library like the below example?


 filtered_fine = [x for x in fine if (x.CompanyReference.CountryId == "USA") and (x.CompanyReference.PrimaryExchangeID == "NYS" or x.CompanyReference.PrimaryExchangeID == "NAS") and ((self.Time - x.SecurityReference.IPODate).days > 180) and x.EarningReports.BasicAverageShares.ThreeMonths * (x.EarningReports.BasicEPS.TwelveMonths*x.ValuationRatios.PERatio) > 5e8] 

thats a

which uses

Update Backtest


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