4 hour timeframe (Resolution)

Hello everyone,


I'm wondering how is it possible to use (4 hour) timeframe resolution, because resolution in lean only has daily hourly, minute and tick.


P.S I'm using custom forex data.



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check the help for consolidators and the sample algso provided by the quantconnect team.

you have to use hour data with consolidator to scale it to 4 hour bars. check the examples!! and bootcamp


Michael Manus thanks for your reply,

I tried the example but it is still doing trades on hours like 3/17..etc and it is supposed to make trades only on 0/4/8/12/16/20


share some code maybe.

take the very basic spy consolidation example:

1) change the resolution to hour.

without providing resolution infos Minute is default ( AddSecurity(SecurityType.Equity, "SPY", Resolution.Hour); )

2) Use the  thirtyMinuteConsolidator  and change it to 4 hours ( TimeSpan.FromMinutes(30) -> TimeSpan.FromHours(4) )! so that the  ThirtyMinuteBarHandler-method gets called every 4th hour with a 4 hour candle





Michael Manus Yes i still have my code inside ONDATA, and i'm not using TradeBars, i'm using custom data (i read my data from CSV or dropbox).


What am i supposed to use instead of TradeBarConsolidator since i'm using custom data not tradebars?


Michael Manus I fixed the issue but when i close a trade using SL or TP, it closes them on hourly basis not 4, for example it used to close trades on 3/15..etc which is wrong


maybe you have to consolidate it from minute resolution to hourly and than to 4 you can access it every minute if you need it....i dont know what your plans are.

example of this

The point is that i don't use AddForex, AddEquity..etc because i use custom data and OnData looks like this

OnData(MyCustomDataClass data)



so it's giving me an error when i use TradeBarConsolidator or QuoteBarConsolidator


That's the exception i'm getting when i use QuoteBarConsolidator (since i'm using custom Forex data):

System.ArgumentException: Type mismatch found between consolidator and symbol. Symbol: AUDUSD does not support input type: QuoteBar. Supported types: MyCustomDataClass.


Update Backtest


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