Hi, I just joined new and I struggle to get started. I wanted to build a Renko based strategy. Actually I don't care too much in which language, but I get confused because all the languages are mixed in here. I think there would be some optimization potential, so I just wanted to output what I think as new joiner, which might help you to structure the portal better.

* If I search in the forum for "Renko" I will get some results for C Sharp, some for F, and less for Python. Usually it helps to look at code samples of the same language to figure out how things fit together, but as all languages are mixed in the same forum, it's really difficult to do that. It would be appreciated, if there would be a secluded forum for each programing language, or just one language would be offered.

* If I search for solutions on the internet, I find outdated solutions.

* It seems that the solutions offered are not at the same stage in all the programming languages. There are some entries, which tell that Renko is not possible at all, others have some code samples, which code Renko from scratch, others seem to use consolidators. If I search in the reference manual I can't seem to find any information. 

* There are many outdated entries in the forum, as there are more features added. It would make sense that when adding a forum entry, the language and version would be added, and one could filter based on that. It would make things much easier and clearer.

* Code completion doesn't seem to work for everything.

* I personally find the learning curve pretty heavy, to implemement a simple strategy based on Renko. In Pine editor of Tradingview I coded my Renko strategy within 1 hour, after starting working with Pine. The problem with TradingView of course again is, that I can't LiveTrade. I also don't know if the backtesting is really accurate.

I don't know if I might not have figured it all out, it's very well possible, that I'm a stupid user. But then again I guess, a portal will be more successful, if it can cater for the 80% of us stupid users :)