Set position to 5% of buying power; Python

In python I want to set my option position to 5% of the buying power. I was considering using a loop with an increasing mulitple on every loop until the mulitiple * the contracts ask price is close to 5% of my buying power. Then use that multiple as the number of contracts to purchase However, I can't seem to find the funciton/class in python that will give me my account's buying power.

Update Backtest

In the algorithm lab is on the left side a API tab.

Click on it and extend Portfolio. There is what you need.

Also: below portfolio is Setholdings. take a look at that too.

and in the community section on the right side is a link to some example algos.....go through some :)


Thanks for the pointer! SetHoldings looks like the perfect solution. However, it seems that it places orders based on market orders. Is there a way to have setHoldings place the limit orders based on the option's ask price? Or can SeHoldings() return a value so I can use it to calculate the number of contracts to buy, However, I doubt I can do this because the API states that the return is system.void


Hi Pual,

You could use 

quantity = self.CalculateOrderQuantity(symbol, percentage)
self.LimitOrder(symbol, int(quantity), limitPrice)

Thanks Jing! I will see if this works


Update Backtest


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