Hey guys,

First of all, thanks to everyone for the product, and second - I have some issues with that.

1. The Quant Connect Visual Studio plug-in crashes the Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Update 4 (I tried on several laptops) - on opening of the project, on running a back-test from the Visual Studio. The things working are: the authorization, the listing of the available projects, the creation of the new project (which I can't open later), and the saving of the project to the server. As a result, it makes the whole Quant Connect unusable for me.

2. After I created a project from the Visual Studio, and saved that to the server (from the Visual Studio), and I have that project open in the web-browser, if I press F5 to refresh the page to see the changes I uploaded, the updated page goes to the Recent tab. It must stick to the current project, otherwise I do 3 extra actions to open the back-test tab, find the project and open that.

There are also other minor issues, if the feedback will taken into account, I will describe that later.