QuantConnect now has some built in indicators!!

The latest release of QC brought with it many awesome new features. One in particular that almost everyone wanted were some basic indicators. In this algorithm I show you my take on the classic moving average cross strategy. I show you how easy it is to create and plot indicators using the new infrastructure, as well as the readability of code using indicators.

We can now create an EMA or SMA using code like the following:

// create 5 day EMA of SPY

ExponentialMovingAverage ema = EMA("SPY", 5, Resolution.Daily);

// create 5 hour SMA of SPY

SimpleMovingAverage sma = SMA("SPY", 5, Resolution.Hour);

These indicators receive updates from the QC engine, so by the time the OnData method is called, the indicator has already been updated!

As always, feedback is welcomed!