Heikin ashi consolidated

Hello, im new here and just working through tutorials etc. Great platform,thankyou. 

What is the best approach to consolidate heikin ashi candles to say 5 minute candlles.

- consolidate normal candles for 5 minutes > send to heiken ashi indicator to make HA candles?

- heiken ashi candles > send to data consolidators directly?

- adapt the renko consolidator to work with HA?

- or some other clever QC way? 

anyone got some heiken ashi examples to post as would be keen to see how others handle this indicator

g'day and thanks

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The best way to decide the implementation of Heikin-Ashi consolidated data is based on how and when they will be used. A possible approach would be to create 5 minute data consolidators and create a custom Heikin-Ashi indicator.

In the sample code from Github the data for equities and forex is consolidated into 10 minute bars and there is a SMA indicator stored for the consolidated. This sample can be tailored from 10 minute bars to 5 minutes bars, and a custom indicator for Heiken-Ashi can be created and stored in SymbolData instead of the SMA indicator. The sample code below shows an implementation of a custom indicator and can also be abstracted for the Heikan-Ashi candles. Note that the the indicator needs to be registered and an update method for the indicator needs to be implemented, since this allows the indicator to be maintained.

Thank you, I will take a look at these. The 5 minute consolidated heiken ashi candles would be added to a rolling window to track them over time. So far that side if things is working well using the standard candles > heiken ashi indicator > rolling windows.

So now keen to make these new consolidated heikin ashi candles. Do you think it would be possible to send the 5 minute consolidated normal candles to the heiken ashi indicator??


Thanks again


Update Backtest


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