I've just begun working with Lean, it's taking some time to understand the structure, but, I'm getting there. I suppose it doesn't help that C# is not my area of expertise. I've been through the examples, and I think that they help a lot to understand how it all works; however, what seems to be missing is some guidance for those who would like to use Lean for more than a simple experiment.

I think that the community would benefit from some of the developer's insight with respect to managing new projects that involve more than a single algorithm class. It would be nice to have some guidance on compartmentalizing new algorithms/strategies as standalone projects within Lean solution. It seems like these efforts should be segregated from the main source tree.

This guidance would probably also help with contributing back to the community. I may not choose to contribute my algorithms, but, I may want to make new brokerage models or data sources available. Do the developers have a preference for how this should be done?