How can I apply an indicator on another indicator? ( example: Bollinger band on RSI )

Indiciators seem to only take symbols as inputs.  Is there a way to use an indicator as the series data input for another indiicator?  

Also I can't see how to use an indicator on top of volume.  How do I do this?

Thanks in advance.

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Indicators can be chained together to create unique combinations. Referenced in the documentation under Indicator Extensions, IndicatorExtension.Of() feeds an indicator output into the input of another. This sample code shows the method implemented using the SMA and Delay indicators. 

With regards to using an indicator on top of volume, is there a specific indicator in mind? QuantConnect offers 65 indicators and 60 candle stick indicators which can be seen in the Reference Table from the link to the documentation. If any of those don't fit the requirements, custom indicators can be made as well.


Thanks.  But is seems like the IndicatorExtension.Of()  doesn't work for all indicators.  How can I make it work for the Stochastic indicator?


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. After looking into this issue the IndicatorExtensions.Of() method currently only supports a first parameter of the IndicatorBase<IndicatorDataPoint> type and the Stochastic indicator is not of that type. We have identified the issue and it is on our TODO list have IndicatorExtensions methods support all indicator types.


Update Backtest


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