How to call price as a variable?

Sorry for such a simple post, but I couldn't find another community thread about this.

I am trying to create a variable for the price of my asset to assess whether or not it's above a set of indicators. 

I have my BB indicators assigned to self.bb1, bb2, and bb3.

I want to create an if statement that will buy or sell whenever the price is above or below the lower and upper bounds of the Bollinger Bands. 

How do I create this variable for the price? Or is there another way I should go about this that would be more efficient?

Thank you in advance, I love this platform!

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I'm not sure the exact code in python but I think it's self.Portfolio["SPY"(Whatever ticker in quotes)].Price


Prices for a specific symbol can be accessed via self.Securities[symbol].Price. Securities is a list of Security objects that contains all of the securities which were subscribed in Initialize() that are indexed by their symbols. 


I did try both of those as guesses previously. I remember when using:


 It threw an error, but it may have been unrelated. Thanks for the help.!


Update Backtest


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