How to expose portfolio statistics at end of backtest


I'm trying to expose and access the default statistics generated by `PortfolioStatistics` at the end of my backtest, but I'm not finding an easy way to do so without inserting code into the library itself. I can see it's being called by `Engine.Run()` and stored in a local variable, so there's no way for me to access it from my algorithm.

Is there a recommended way to expose these statistics or, alternatively, to calculate them myself? I haven't been able to find any documentation on this. I suppose I could store the `Portfolio.TotalPortfolioValue` at each time point myself and then work back from there, but I'd like to know if there was a recommended approach.

Thanks in advance!

Update Backtest

The trick is to create a new class interfacing with IResultHandler. In particular, you want to override the SendFinalResult() method where the information you need is passed.

Example follows below, taken from inside an override of the SendFinalResult() method.

Take a look at Engine/Results/BacktestingResultHandler.cs for more information.

You'll need to shadow override a bunch of the other functions unfortunately, I used Engine/Results/BacktestingResultHandler as my shadow.

// Port to BacktestNodePacket
var jobnode = job as BacktestNodePacket;

// Save results
var stats = statisticsResults.TotalPerformance.PortfolioStatistics;

// Write to CSV (to highlight some of the various statistics that are available to you)
StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
builder.Append( jobnode.PeriodStart.ToUniversalTime().ToString() + "," );
builder.Append( jobnode.PeriodFinish.ToUniversalTime().ToString() + "," );
builder.Append( stats.TotalNetProfit.ToString() + "," );
builder.Append( stats.Drawdown.ToString() + "," );
builder.Append( stats.WinRate.ToString() + "," );
builder.Append( "\n" );
File.AppendAllText( @"C:\output\results.csv", builder.ToString() );

Update Backtest


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