I am using my local visual studio to run lean
BasicTemplateAlgorithm works for me as backtest. so i cloned it as another cs file FirstBacktest.cs
I remembered to change the class name and also did a build using quantconnect.views
when i do a backtest, it errors out.
| 14:39:00:Algorithm.Initialize() Error: During the algorithm initialization, the following exception has occurred: Algorithm type name not found, or unable to resolve multiple algorithm types to a single type. Please verify algorithm type name matches the algorithm name in the configuration file and that there is one and only one class derived from QCAlgorithm. Stack Trace:   at QuantConnect.Lean.Engine.Setup.BacktestingSetupHandler.CreateAlgorithmInstance (QuantConnect.Packets.AlgorithmNodePacket algorithmNodePacket, System.String assemblyPath) [0x00066] in <6a42206b43b148bbbc3c10c18b0bfff3>:0
  at QuantConnect.Lean.Engine.Engine.Run (QuantConnect.Packets.AlgorithmNodePacket job, QuantConnect.Lean.Engine.AlgorithmManager manager, System.String assemblyPath) [0x000e9] in <6a42206b43b148bbbc3c10c18b0bfff3>:0 (Open Stacktrace)31 | 14:39:10:Your log was successfully created and can be retrieved from: https://www.quantconnect.com/backtest/23194/1628898/e0f5243286aaf86d0ba12768c69b5d63-log.txt