Slope of moving average

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I'm looking to add a criterion to my algorithm so it only executes when the simple moving average is upward sloping (for a buy) or downward sloping (for a sell). 

Is there an easy way of checking whether the slope is upward or downward? I imagine it'd be to do with whether the current value of the moving average is greater than or less than the value one step prior, but not sure how to do that.


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In order to check if the current value of the moving average is greater than or less than the value one step prior, you will need to use a Rolling Window. Rolling windows are arrays of data in which the most recent item added in the window is in the first index. These are popularly paired with indicators such that one can look back and analyze a recent trend, as seen here

The example in the documentation shows how to implement a rolling window that saves the past 5 simple moving averages.


Update Backtest


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