Hello. I am having issues making Lean work with IB.

According the `run-ib-controller.sh` file, the TWS vession should be 968, but I don't find it to download on IB. I see available 972 and 973. Is ok if I update `run-ib-controller.sh` to use 973, or I must use 968? If I must use 968, where I should download historical TWS versions?

I tried with versions 972 and 973, but after getting how much cash I have on my account, it crashed with the following logs:


20181005 14:35:39.621 Trace:: BrokerageSetupHandler.Setup(): Setting USD cash to 3098.34
20181005 14:35:39.624 Trace:: BrokerageSetupHandler.Setup(): Fetching open orders from brokerage...
20181005 14:35:39.635 Trace:: InteractiveBrokersBrokerage.HandleError(): RequestId: -1 ErrorCode: 504 - Not connected
20181005 14:35:39.635 ERROR:: Brokerage.OnMessage(): Error - Code: 504 - Not connected
20181005 14:35:39.641 ERROR:: LiveTradingResultHandler.Update(): Algorithm not yet initialized.                              

Last IBController 3.4.0 is ok?

I appreciate your help.