Just saw a few posts from other people new to QuantConnect, so I guess that makes feel less lonely about fighting the platform, but still...

I'm trying to play with the platform and implement something to try it out, but so far I'm running into road block after road block, even for extremely simple things that are (or should be) covered in the documentation. It feels to me like either the documentation is missing some important points, or it's just out of date entirely.

Anyway, I hope someone can help on these:

- I can't get the Debug() function to work. Whatever I try, I'm getting errors saying it's not found. Using it alone doesn't work. Adding a 'using QuantConnect.Logging' doesn't work. I can't find a way to have this one working, and since it's the only way to actually debug...

- Implementing a custom indicator is a real pain. I've been fighting with that for hours, and I'm still trying to have the first block of it work (considering there are 5 or 6 of them, it will take a damn week). This feels like something pretty standard. How about a bit of documentation on that? Or a complex example to showcase that? So far, I'm trying to compute a TypicalPrice to start up on this, and I only get a flat line of 0's...

- The online Terminal is getting me crazy so far:

• Using it on Safari on a small MacBookAir screen, the 'Results' button was not showing up. So I switched to Chrome.

• Now, the build errors are showing up while I type, but when I stop typing, I have to manually build the project to have them update with the source code I just finished typing.

• Half of the time, when I start a backtest, it's showing up as 'Queuing' and won't update. I have to restart from the home page, get back to the project, to see the results showing up.

- For the next step, I'll probably want to switch from a Daily timeframe to a 4H, and after having read a few things about it, I'm starting to be afraid. It seems like I'm going to have to implement every single detail of handling 4-hours bars by myself, piece by piece. With regards to the custom indicator I'm trying to add, I just dread the moment when I'll have to make it work on an hourly timeframe. Don't you feel handling different timeframes is pretty basic? Will you add that at some point?

Are you guys aware of these, and are these really normal? I didn't really find anyone being annoyed by all that, so it feels like I'm a bit alone on that, and everyone else would be happy with the way it work.