I've recently started experimenting with algorithms in the Lean project. I'm writing a series of support classes with associated unit tests on a local branch. I want to be able to test the code locally but then upload my alogirthm for backtesting.

1. I'm assuming I won't be able upload and backtest my branch on your servers

2. I'm therefore keeping my classes seperate from the main code, however at the moment they are all in the main algorithm file as I've had trouble backtesting with classes spread across multiple files - should I be able to upload and use classes in seperate files in a backtest?

3. I see the library area in the Lab, can I use this to load classes used by my algorithms? Is there any documentation on how to do this?

4. (seperate topic) The Nunit version is quite old, any plans to update it? (I realise unit tests would need changing)

Thanks in advance for your help.