Running algos slow


I'm new to QC. Can you please tell me if running an algo should be slow?  I am cloning and running the algo from :

I would expect this to take a few seconds max.


Update Backtest

The system is limited on a free account, you could upgrade to get more speed.

Normally a backtest takes between 30-60 seconds, if you have universes it may take longer.


Why does it talke a lot longer for me?


I would say more like 5 minutes.


I am using this strategy :

The reason as to why the runtime for the algorithm is close to 5 minutes is because of the amount of data being processed for each loop (at minute resolution). If you break down this algorithm, in each iteration we look at an OptionChain object for each subscribed option, and then OptionContracts, which are the tradeable security of options markets. Since there is more data being processed than a most equity-based algorithms, we should expect a larger runtime.

In other words, this is normal.


Update Backtest


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