Hello everyone,  Need help with DailyFx Calendar.

@Jared Broad; @Alexandre Catarino

I am trying to build an algo using forex calendar as a signal. I started with the implementation of @JayJayD. But i do not know if i wrongly translated his code to Python but i noticed some discrepancy in the data when trying to implement DailyFx in Python.

In order to understand the origine of the differences, i wrote those two little algo which logs each time the signal is meet (date, symbol, signal count, calendar meaning, STD) for both algo. I noticed the following

1- While Having the same intruction, we get more signals from the C# algo than the one written in python (Please see algo and logs) 44 signals in python and +200 signals with C# . So my question if the following, Does the API from python and C# return the same data? does the python dailyFx API lack data? or did i make a mistake trying to get the same information when trying to access the same info from python?

2- Calendar Meaning; we get "worse" or "better" in C# and  "1" or "2" in python. Once again is it a mistake from me or the data has different structure using whether Python or C#?

3-STD : I also noticed that that STD in C# round to 5 figures while python does not. This is Why i rounded it in python to make sure that STD in both languages return the same values, and this seems to be ok.

4- Finally would you please help me with decimal translation? does 50m; 0.7m; 0.02m could be respectively translated in python to decimal.Decimal(50); decimal.Decimal(0.7); decimal.Decimal(0.02).


NB: C# algo is the one i am trying to translate in Python so it should be considered as the original code.