Hey guys, forgive my noobiness but I have really only coded for hobbies and it's been some time. I am trying to create a standalone relative volume calculator class that would calc the daily average volume over a user specified period of days, and then check the current volume to see if the stock is being traded more frequently than normal. I am a little confused as to how it should be done, my current thought was:

-create the class in your main, and then every time you get data, pass it to the relativeVolume class

-wait until end of day to calculate daily volume

- fill an array of length(period in days) with today's volume

-once you hit the period, change index to beginning of array, then generate the average volume over the period

I'm a little stuck on how to pass the data in and have the class updating in sync with the main. I attached the code I have now, it's mainly a shell, but I wanted some input on if it is fundamentally sound or not.