Hi everyone,

A while ago I wrote a desktop charting application for LEAN. It primarily focuses on analyzing backtests. It regularly receives likes and downloads. I am glad that it is being used :).

It struck me that there is no mobile application yet. It really appeals to me to develop one.

I expect that the primary focus of the mobile application is monitoring live algorithms. For example, viewing the current statistics, logs and getting important notifications. Possibly even managing (eg liquidating or stopping) algorithms.

It seems to me that, especially for mobile phones, we preferably use the web application to design projects. However, I saw a request from 'James. T' for mobile coding. This need may also be shared by others.

Ultimately, of course, it is not about my expectation, but what the community actually wants. I have set up a simple page where we can share ideas and vote on the ideas.


Please take a look, share it and vote :).