Hi all

I believe I did some progress, thanks to @Halldor Andersen.

I attach the newest backtest.

Again, my goal is to buy or sell based on the difference of my predictions of high and low to the open price of an hourly candle. I set take profit and stop loss that i want to be checked as often as possible obviously. That is why i set the EURUSD to resolution.minute. So, I coded that at the beginning of the hour it shoulf check for the buy and sell conditions.

My predictions are based on the ASK and BID price, although I think quantconnect only uses one price for EURUSD, that is why I changed my code so that it takes into account only my ASK predictions for both high and low

I was also told that quantconnect doesn't handle multiple orders like ie Metatrader 4. Is that correct?

Please take a look and tell me what you think...