The data being displayed in debugger by my algorithm for Quotebars (OHLC) is wrong in live connection. Chart and OHLC data don't match. Bid chart is up and I'm lookining right at it, and I'm using bid prices in algo. Each candle is printed in my log, and data doesn't match.

After trying to figure it out for some time, I believe it is using Oanda's regular account data, when my account is a "v20 core pricing account". This account has the benefit of lower spreads, so for instance eur/usd is .2 instead of 1.2 or so.

For an algorith trading price action based off of this data, this is very impactful. Entries, Stops, Targets are all being calculated by Bid OHLC data and it's way off in my case.

Question is: Is there a way to change the brokerage model in code to this account type (Core Pricing) to get the bid/ask data?

Again, this is in a live account, so I thought connecting through the API to the core pricing account would stream those quotes but apparently it doesn't work that way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!