Hello all, 

I am a trader which daytrades us smallcap stocks ($2-$10 nasdaq with Interactive Brokers). I have hand-written models and trade by experience.  However, I wish to quantify these models into some strategies that can be backtested.. and later on create some sort of AI to assist me in making decisions. 

Some other traders recommended 'Tradestation' for developing my models as they provide good backtesting. However, I really like the concept of quantconnect with open source. 

Can someone help me answer if I can make models on quantconnect based on paratemeters such as ; 

volume (in premarket, in past historic parabolic events, at the open, at the close)
price (premarket, open, hi lo close , yesterday hi lo close, past parabolic event hi lo close)
indicators (moving averages, vwap, rsi)
momentum (volatility / speed of price)
fundamental data and news. 
please excuse my ignorance - I am completely green in the world of quant. 
thanks in advance