Hi All, I am interested in implementing some of the feedback in the comments of the thread in the link below: my goal is to eliminate look ahead bias by using a new CSV file where the most recent google trends date is the same date inside my backtest.


I've written a little python script (using pytrends) to automatically download each month (ie Jan04 to Feb04, then Jan04 to Mar04) and uploading it to dropbox isnt an issue.

This issue I am having is getting these ~180 csv files into quantconnect. My only solution is to write ~180 lines with unique variable names and download link using the QC Download() function, which I see as tedious and error prone.

I have considered creating a dropbox link to the folder they are contained in, however that would mean downloading a zip file within quantconnect and I am not sure how to do this?
(Parsing the zip file using the QC Download() function I believe won't work)

Does anyone have a better idea to go around this? Cheers