Background: IB account ready.

Previously what i did is just run all scripts from local computor; so obvoiusly benifitits are 

  1. fast deployment speed(it only took 30 seconds to deploy locally->scripts communicate with TWS successfully); 
  2. get necessary data from local computer(trade signal will be based on my own data); basically a lot of VIX, Option volatility related data to generate signals
  3. fast human intervention when necessary. 

So may i know using Quanconnct the difference? 

  • deplolyment speed. 
  • how to generate signals based on local data? Need to upload my own data somewhere? 
  • Any videos about live trading mode? 
  • any difference between quantconnect data source and IB data? If i wanna VX FUTURE data, which one to use?
  • If trading live with IB through quantconnect, still ok to open TWS software? Maybe some conflicts since only one active account allowed?